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  • What is the dress code for the ball?
    The dress code for the ball is black tie or formal national dress. Dresses below the knee are encouraged but guests should use their discretion as to what black-tie appropriate attire entails. The committee reserves the right to turn away improperly dressed individuals. We do not discriminate by gender regarding dress code. Within the acceptable attire listed above, please wear what you feel most comfortable in.
  • Will there be a cloakroom?
    Yes, this will be located at the entrance of the ball for ease of access.
  • Will special dietary requirements be catered for?
    We have done our best to cater for all dietary requirements and offer a large variety of food at the ball. All allergen information will be published along with the event programme on the week of the ball and will be clearly labelled at vendor stalls on the night. Please contact our Food and Drink officers at with any questions.
  • When is the Ball?
    June 16th 2023 from 21:00-05:00
  • Where is the ball?
    The ball will be located on Homerton College’s extensive grounds, both indoors and outdoors, at Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 8PH.
  • Who do I contact about accessibility queries?
    Our Sustainability and Access officer is contactable at for any queries or concerns. Our accessibility statement is available here: Key Details There is blue badge parking available on site. The entire event has step-free access. The types of outdoor terrain include flat, grass lawn and flat, stone pathways. St. John’s Ambulance will be situated throughout the entire event. There is a designated quiet space in the Mary Allen Building. This room is intended for guests who are overstimulated or need to take medication to use for brief periods of time. A committee member must be approached to gain access to this room. There will be water available and chairs with padded seating. The cinema is a designated relaxing space/chill zone. This is separate from the quiet space. There are chairs and padded seating. There is an accessible toilet, and gender neutral toilets. A film will be shown at the cinema with subtitles, audio description and english audio. There isn’t a BSL interpreter. There is a designated smoking area that is distanced from the main space used for the ball. Lighting information: At midnight there will be a blackout for five seconds. There will be five seconds of dim light. There will be a brief lighting colour change of our flood lights, a bit of lighting flickering. More detailed info to follow. Closer to the event, a more detailed statement that matches up with our site map, ents and vendors will be released.
  • What is included in my ticket?
    The ticket provides entry to the ball. Every ticket has unlimited access to all food and drink on offer. We will have a variety of vendors on the night, and both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The ticket also includes the chance to enjoy the musical entertainment and activities we have planned for the night. You can purchase a 'queue-jump' ticket for a small additional cost, which will allow you to skip the queue for entry to the ball. The terms and conditions are accessible here
  • How much are tickets?
    Please refer to our ticketing page for a breakdown of the different ticket prices as per their release date.
  • When will tickets be released?
    Please refer to our ticketing page for a breakdown of the different ticket prices as per their release date: Round 1 - Homerton only Round 2 - Guests Round 3 - Staff and alumni
  • Who can buy tickets?
    Tickets launch for first release to Homerton students only on February 22nd with a limited number of tickets available for Christs Students. and then launch for General release on March 1st. All current Cambridge students may purchase a ticket from this release. The alumni and staff release will be on March 8th.
  • Is there a limit on how many tickets I can buy?
    You will be able to purchase up to three tickets.
  • How do bursary tickets work?
    They are only for Homerton students. Our ticketing system is integrated with Cambridge’s Raven login, which will automatically detect bursary statuses. Your ticket options will automatically include a bursary ticket. Please select this option. This applies to Homerton students only. Only students on a full bursary will be eligible for a bursary ticket. Please contact ticketing at if you have any issues, or for more information about these tickets.
  • Can I buy a guest ticket in the Homerton-only release?
    In the first ticket-release Homerton students will be able to purchase up to three tickets, as will Christs' students.
  • Can I change the ticket holder?
    Yes, name changes are possible for a small cost of £20. Further details will be released soon.
  • Can I get my ticket refunded?
    The Homerton MB doesn't offer refunds - it is possible to transfer the ticket into another name, although there is a small fee for this.
  • I’m a student at Christ’s College. How does that affect me?
    There are 80 tickets reserved for the First Release alongside Homerton-only tickets on February 22nd. Once these 80 tickets are sold, Christ’s students will have to purchase tickets in the General Release. There are no bursary tickets available for Christ’s students.
  • What are the details I need to make the bank transfer to?
    Name: Colophon Limited Sort Code: 30 91 74 Account Number: 0064 1399 IBAN: GB49 LOYD 3091 7400 6413 99 BIC Code: LOYDGB21206

If you have any further questions, please email

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